Welcome to Housesit The World!

I’m Kim Wilder Hinson, happily married to Kenny, and we are a lucky couple who were able to take an early retirement. We’ve spent almost all our time since then traveling full time as house and cat sitters.

Housesit The World Author photo
Kim at Dunnottar Castle in Scotland 

Follow along on our adventures as we travel the world as house and cat sitters.

I’ll blog about the places we visit as we housesit and share important tips on how you can get started or become a better house and pet sitter.

I’ll also share the tools that make our travel lives easier.

I’m an avid photographer and always carry a camera along when traveling. Be sure to visit my gallery page where you can purchase one of my favorite photographs.

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Florida’s Wakodahatchee Wetlands is a haven for birds and photographers

For the past two months, after an unusually cool summer and autumn in the UK followed by a cold start to winter in North Carolina, we’ve taken a break from housesitting in order to find some warmth in Florida. Since the beginning of February we’ve been in southeastern Florida’s Boca Raton. It’s a lovely area, …